When Opportunity Knocks, Open the Door and Let It In

By Patti Cullen

How many blogs and articles have you read about opening the door when opportunity knocks? I’ve read my fair share but at the time opportunity was not making the rounds in my neighborhood. That all changed for me recently when I became a victim of my former company’s restructuring strategy. Or at least that’s what I thought it was. In reality, it was opportunity knocking at my door. Disguising itself, briefly, as a gloom and doom crisis, it ultimately revealed its true self, my dream, albeit assessing me to ensure I was worthy of its offering. Would I welcome it, embrace it, and share it?

For the last five years of my career I’ve been dreaming about having my own company offering special event planning and administrative support services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and busy adults who need a little help getting things done. We often get bogged down with the minutia of running a business or finding time to have a normal personal life. Confident my skills and experience can help clients work smarter not harder by assisting them with routine to-do list items, I can stay in my comfort zone. However, doing it strictly on my own for self-employment is where the challenge lies. Well, I feel it’s worth the risk. At my age (I’m a baby boomer), I want, no I need, more flexibility in my life, less stress and a different, more meaningful kind of human interaction. Nothing personal to the people in corporate America I worked with over the last 25+ years. They made me strive to do my best and incredibly proud of my achievements. I wish them all success and happiness. It’s time I put the hours in for my own gratification and personal success.

But as we all know too well, “life is a highway (thanks Rascal Flatts)…knock me down get back up again.” The road we most travel on will inevitably put up roadblocks to detour us and place obstacles in our path to challenge our grit. When opportunity knocked on my door, while I was getting back up, there was no doubt I would open the door. I’m a true believer in “there is no such thing as a coincidence”. Really, how can I argue with fate when one by one relevant and interesting circumstances keep magically appearing – like blinking neon lights showing me the way. Stuff happens for a reason! And I truly believe this particular opportunity is my dream knocking and I’m ready to dance.

With cautious ambition I put on my dancing shoes, take opportunity by the hand and shuffle onto the dance floor. Sometimes we’ll be doing the foxtrot, then move to a waltz, and I look forward to doing the Mummer’s strut to celebrate my wins. I expect each dance will raise self-awareness, build confidence, lead to personal and professional growth and offer me the sociable human interaction I crave. So it is with strong conviction I encourage you to welcome, embrace and share any opportunity that knocks on your door. Be open to the possibilities, and by all means enjoy the dance!

I hope you will come back and visit my blog for a little inspiration, some insight or to find a valuable resource to help you achieve your personal and business goals. As the frigid temperatures bear down on us nor’ eastern residents, check out this resource for a little pick-me-up while battling the winter blues. 10 Cool Ways To Embrace Winter