So Long Summer!


Did you bid a fond farewell to a fun-packed summer? Are you finding it difficult to get back into business mode?

Back in May I made a conscious decision to focus on quality time this summer for myself and for my family. We had lots of travel plans, family gatherings and a daughter going off to college. I didn’t want to start new business projects and not be able to give them my full attention. So I advised my clients I would be missing in action for most of June through September. Yes, there was a bit of guilt to cope with, but honestly, the rewards of spending time with family and friends replaced that guilt with joy. I must confess it was a welcomed respite being able to focus on life’s greater pleasures than a myriad of business tasks.

BUT…time to snap out of it; playtime is over! Time to refocus and perhaps reframe your business objectives to successfully meet your 2016 goals. So where do you start? In researching the internet for a little inspiration I found an article about getting refocused after a busy summer. How to Refocus Your Team Now That Summer is Over is a good read with several helpful tips. Apply them to yourself or as a member of a team to get back on track.

With markers in hand I’m headed to my whiteboard to realign my goals for Q3 and Q4. Good luck to you and hope you finish strong!