Slow Down

Slow Down Sign

IS THIS YOU? You’re driving to an appointment (going slightly over the stated speed limit) when you get behind a driver who chooses this day, this time, to be a rebel and drive 10 miles under the designated speed limit. You did everything right – you got up early, you made your own coffee and grabbed a protein bar so you wouldn’t have to stop at the coffee shop, you put the address in your GPS to find the best route and you were prepared to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time. It was destined to be a great day. Then it happened. You got behind Joe Slow who, apparently, was not scheduled to be anywhere, anytime soon. After an agonizing three miles (that felt like 20) you diverted from the GPS route in hopes of gaining back the 15 minutes you just lost, only to find you have now gotten behind Gail Snail. This scenario happens to me at least once a week; which got me thinking maybe the universe is telling me to SLOW DOWN (and I haven’t been listening), not only behind the wheel of my car but in my daily routine as well.

Do you catch yourself rushing through routine tasks to get things done quickly? For me, some days I feel like I’m a contestant in a televised game show of Beat The Clock. Tick Tick Tick...the timer is ticking down and if I don’t complete the tasks before the bell rings I've failed and all is lost. I’ve gotten into the mindset that I need to get everything done fast so I can get more accomplished; allowing me to take on more clients and increase revenue. This is a huge risk, however, because when you move too fast mistakes inevitably will occur.

And when did I become my worst enemy? I beat myself up for not completing a task in a timely manner, for taking time to work on a non-revenue-generating project, for blowing off a networking opportunity or for simply taking a breather to watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show which, by the way, truly clears my head for 60 minutes, minus commercials. (Come on, who feels guilty watching adorable pets and spunky kids?) Well it’s time to replace my whip-wielding enemy with a pom pom-shaking cheerleader chanting "you go girl" (just take it slow). In reality, no one is standing over me shaking a finger in disappointment for going too fast or when I hit the proverbial brick wall. So my new direction when panic begins to creep in, is to get back in the driver’s seat (figuratively), switch gears and turn onto the road of inspiration; allowing the various "signs" to guide me whether it is to slow down, yield, take a detour, share the road, proceed with caution or simply stop and go.

Here is an article I found with some general tips on how to slow down so you can stay focused and still get things done: 10 Ways To Slow Down and Still Get Things Done. And, if you find you could use a little outside help with an overwhelming “To Do List,” just give us a call – we can help you work smarter not harder.