Celebrate All Wins - Big and Small

bottle of champagne

Do you crack open a bottle of champagne when you celebrate a win? Just imagine how much champagne you would consume if you celebrated every win – the big ones and the small. I’m sure it would be cases! (Feel free to substitute chocolate for champagne.)

Every day we are faced with challenges and difficult decisions (and often unbeknownst to us - wins). Our intentions are good; we want to do the right things for our family, the community and in business. But do we consider what’s right (and necessary) for ourselves? Would a pat on the back really be so bad? Instead, we often downplay our achievements and forego the victory celebration. Why, for the sake of guilt or misguided modesty? And why does it seem easier to beat ourselves up when things go wrong than it is to celebrate when things go right? Hello…I would rather drink champagne (or eat a lot of chocolate) then bash my head against a wall, wouldn’t you?

The trick is recognizing the wins. I recently participated in an entrepreneurial program – The Speedy Startup - conducted by Michele Martin (owner, The Bamboo Project). At the beginning of each session Michele asked each participant to share the wins that took place since our previous session. Some were big (like getting a new client) and others were small (such as making a new connection). An exercise so unpretentious truly made a significant impact on our confidence and progress. It didn’t take long to realize just how important a win truly was – no matter how big or small. It’s a bit humbling at first (giving yourself the pat on the back) but it is a much needed practice in order to fuel the fire. Of course, it helps to set realistic goals that ultimately lead to wins. Check out this article to help you set goals and make them (wins!) happen. Set Your Goals and Make Them Happen

You’ll soon realize that something as natural as making another person smile is a win. So take a sip of that champagne. Check off an item from your To Do List, take another sip. Walk 10,000 steps in a day, take another. Step out of your comfort zone, now that deserves a big gulp. Celebrate! Eventually, the small wins add up and before you know it - one bottle down. New jobs, promotions, getting married, having children, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, they are big wins and justify a magnum bottle, or two. However, I believe the smallest wins are just as meaningful and rewarding. They build character, strength and confidence. Hey, it’s difficult enough trying to meet expectations every single day – especially those self-imposed. Give yourself some credit; you will recognize a win when it presents itself. So go ahead, open that bottle of champagne (or Mamma’s box of chocolates) and celebrate!

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